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Available Treatments

calm your body and mind


60 minutes £50

90 minutes £70

Mental health massage releases the happy hormones in your body (endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine) which reduces anxiety, depression and levels of stress. By lowering the level of stress hormone (cortisol) in your body, massage relaxes you, helping to clear your mind. Massage increases the blood flow to the muscles relaxing them and connects you to your body helping you to settle into your para sympathetic state.

Mental Health Massage Exeter aims to find the areas on your body you 'hold' your story, your experiences and tension and slowly work with it to release it giving you an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.​

Mindful Massage

60 minutes £50

90 minutes £70

Mindful massage calms your body and mind, if you struggle to stop the chatter in your head then this massage includes mindful reminders from me to focus on your body and breath, acknowledge thoughts and let them go. I will gently encourage you to sink your body into the bed and bring your attention to the warmth of my hands so you can remain focused on letting go.

Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes £50

It's safe to massage you from 12 weeks into your pregnancy to relieve any discomfort of the pregnancy, to give you and baby time out to enjoy the changes in your body and allow you the opportunity to deeply relax with your baby.  A weekly massage leading up to the birth can help prepare your body for labour.

Oncology Massage

60 minutes £50

This extremely relaxing treatment will nourish and support you on your oncology journey. You can experience this slow light touch massage during the whole of your oncology journey during and post treatment. I hold a Diploma in Oncology Massage and assure you every massage can be adapted to accommodate all of your needs during your treatment. 

Rebounding Massage

60 minutes £50

Rebounding uses light touch to rock and pulse the body to allow the body an opportunity to release holding patterns deep within. This massage technique works deep within the facial system with the lightest of touches and can be applied while you are clothed.

Trauma Massage 

60 minutes £50

This 60 minute massage focuses on rebalancing the nervous system in order to override the fight or flight response. It's designed in a way that minimises stress on the tissues and does not overload the nervous system. This massage is intended for those dealing with unresolved trauma, PTSD, domestic or sexual abuse. 

Childrens Massage 

5 - 10 year olds £20 for 30 mins

10 - 16 year olds £30 for 45 mins

You can experience overwhelm at any age and bodywork can assist the body to regulate, decrease stress and help children to feel safe and comfortable in their own body and mind. Your child is in charge and it's important they take control of the massage. I will talk though everything before and during the massage so they feel safe and in control. All under 16's need an adult present for the duration of the massage, I have a big sofa for the caregiver to relax on and I'll get them a cuppa.

Neurodiversity & Additional Needs

Just to say I'm so glad you are here and you have found me. Please do not be afraid to ask for accommodations - I see you, I hear you, just let me know what you need and I'll try my best to do what I can to support you.

Each massage offers unique preferences...

You can bring your baby or child to your massage - you will still be responsible for them - but I understand it can be tricky for mums to find childcare.


You can choose to be silent, be chatty, to bring your own towels, to bring your own music, to adjust the lighting or discuss any other preferences you or your child might have.


The massage does not need to be on the couch, it is inclusive and I can work with whatever you are comfortable with. 


I apologise as yet there is not disabled access to toilet facilities, the bathroom is accessed up a flight of stairs.

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