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calm your body and mind

Services: Services


60 mins £40

90 mins £55

under 16's 45 mins £30

under 16's 60 mins £35

All treatments are carried out specifically for you. You decide when you get to the space what is needed.

A full body massage will take 90 mins.

Mental health massage releases the happy hormones in your body (endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine) which reduces anxiety, depression and levels of stress. By lowering the level of stress hormone (cortisol) in your body, massage relaxes you, helping to clear your mind. Massage increases the blood flow to the muscles relaxing them and connects you to your body helping you to settle into your para sympathetic state.

Mental Health Massage Exeter aims to find the areas on your body you 'hold' your story, your experiences and tension and slowly work with it to release it giving you an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.​



    60 mins £40
    90 mins £55
    under 16's 45 mins £30
    under 16's 60 mins £35

    During your mindful massage you will be gently reminded to bring your attention back to your breathe, to be present in the moment and to notice your thoughts and bring your attention back to your body. This can be helpful for anyone wanting a more mindful massage – for anyone who has intrusive thoughts and chatter in their head. It is designed to assist you to be present and focus on relaxing your body and mind.


    With each massage Mental Health Massage Exeter offers unique preferences

    You can bring your child to your massage (you will still be responsible for them)

    You can choose to be silent, be chatty, to bring your own towels, to bring your own music, to adjust the lighting or discuss any other preferences you or your child might have.

    The massage does not need to be on the couch, it is inclusive and I can work with whatever works for you. 

    if you are really anxious about having a massage come and meet me for a TRY IT session 30 mins £10 - lets chat, you can check me out and I'll massage your hands or head if you feel comfortable enough.

    I apologise as yet there is not disabled access to toilet facilities. The bathroom is accessed up a flight of stairs.



     45 mins £30

     60 mins £35

    Friday Night Sleep Tight

    Bring your child before bed for deep relaxation - dress them in their PJ's and return home with a squirt of sleepy spray for quiet time.

    Friday Night Treat Night

    Bring your teen for a late night treatment away from a screen connecting them with their body and mind.

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